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Common Questions

What are common ways to hold title?

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What happens if my escrow gets cancelled?

When a transaction fails to close, the parties will need to execute a cancellation agreement, known as a “cancellation of contract” completed by a real estate broker. In addition, escrow will prepare and require their own mutual cancellation instructions to be executed, this is especially true in cases where the escrow holds funds on deposit. Before the escrow holder can release any funds, the parties must agree to the disposition of the funds in writing. This instruction will include the payment of any applicable fees or charges incurred by the escrow holder. In some cases, the escrow holder may charge an escrow cancellation fee. If there is no agreement between the parties as to the disposition of funds on deposit, the escrow holder will not release any funds until an agreement is reached in writing.

What if I am not satisfied with my escrow experience?

While the Greenhedge team will always strive to deliver an excellent customer experience, sometimes an escrow does not go according to plan. In the event you have any problems, you should first contact your escrow officer. If your issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, you should reach out to Elena Aquino, the office manager.

If the matter requires additional attention, please utilize the Rizolv link here. Rizolv is a consumer complaint management system that enables Greenhedge to quickly and securely capture, manage and resolve customer issues.

Lastly, you may contact the regulatory agency governing the escrow operations in California:

California Department of Business Oversight
(800) 622-0620 or (866) 275-2677

Government Resources

California Escrow Association http://www.ceaescrow.org
Franchise Tax Board Withholding Requirements For Sale of California Real Estate http://www.ftb.ca.gov
United States Department of Treasury http://www.ustreas.gov
California Real Estate & Financial Services License Status Check http://search.dre.ca.gov/integrationaspcode
Los Angeles County Tax Assessor http://www.assessor.lacounty.gov
Riverside County Tax Assessor http://www.treasurer-tax.co.riverside.ca.us
San Bernardino County Tax Assessor http://www.sbcounty.gov
Orange County Tax Assessor http://www.oc.ca.gov/assessor
Ventura County Tax Assessor http://www.ventura.org/ttc
Santa Barbara County Tax Assessor https://www.countyofsb.org/ttcpapg
Sacramento County Tax Assessor http://www.assessor.saccounty.net